ALA is people - all kinds of people.   There really is something in the organization for everyone, no matter what kind of librarian you are. You can find your place in ALA, and people that will accept you both as librarian and as a human being. Kate Kosturski
As an ALA Member, I am a part of an organization that supports and promotes the ideas and thoughts of library workers around the world.  My membership in ALA, has allowed me to become involved, as a member snd as a leader, in assisting the organization to be at the forefront of issues and concerns facing our profession.  ALA is important to me, because it has given me an opportunity to share, to listen, to discuss, and to work toward common goals with like-minds, with colleagues, and with constituent groups, in moving libraries and our profession forward, Miguel Magos
ALA gives me the opportunity to participate in decision-making that affects librarians and libraries, and thus all people, all over the country and it provides me with resources to tackle problems, create relationships and be the most amazing librarian I can be. Sharon McKellar
ALA has given me the opportunity to meet and work with leaders in the field through attendance at conference programs and service on committees.  George Abbott
ALA membership and active participation in the Association is my gateway to a dynamic learning organization. It keeps me in touch with wonderful colleagues, keeps me on my game, and connects me to professional opportunities I wouldn't otherwise have. Paul Signorelli
When I received the Spectrum Scholarship, I was introduced into a wonderful network of diverse, engaged library and information science professionals. I developed a passion to encourage students, particularly from underrepresented groups, to pursue careers in this field. I stay involved in with ALA, particularly the Spectrum Scholar program, to pay forward all that I have received.Holly Smith
ALA provides me with great opportunities to share ideas, ask for advice, and brainstorm with others who are also looking to share and learn new information, Dr. Mustafa Abdelwahid
 My ALA connections have allowed me to stay active and current in the field, and have shown me not only the many paths a librarian can follow, but also the incredible enthusiasm and innovation that ALA inspires within its members. Nora Wood
The energy of the American Library Association is undeniable. At the end of the day, it lights a fire under me to work harder for the things that brought me to this profession in the first place. Brian Leaf
In just over a year, my ALA membership has supported my professional studies and swiftly offered influential community leadership roles. I look forward to the enduring learning and service opportunity the organization offers. Nic Dragovic
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